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From Johan Kindgren <>
Subject Stomp client for java, seems to hang?
Date Thu, 26 Mar 2009 14:07:07 GMT

I've done a quick test where I tried to publish JMS queues via
StompConnect ( and then use
ActiveMQ as a JMS implementation for handling the published
queues.Unfortunately this didn't work at all, and from spending
yesterday in debug-mode and stepping through the Stomp implementation
it seems that there are something missing. Maybe my setup is all
wrong, but my short question is if anyone has tried to use ActiveMQ as
a java client against StompConnect?

The following setup was used:
Server side:
Create an instance of StompConnect and inject the ConnectionFactory of
a JBoss server (Jboss Messaging).

At the client side:
1. Create an instance of ActiveMQConnectionFactory and set the url to
2. Create an instance of ActiveMQQueue and set the queue-name.
3. Since we are using Spring, create a JmsTemplate and try to send a message.

The ConnectionFactory seems to find the right implementation and
creates a ActiveMQConnection and sets the transport layer to use the
stomp package. The first thing that the ActiveMQConnection does is to
send a ConnectionInfo command, but the stomp transport implementation
decides that this command shouldn't be sent. Now comes the tricky
part, the layer above expects a response and simply hangs.

Since I'm new to ActiveMQ I'm really not sure if it's possible to use
the JMS-api in the above describe way. I haven't got any broker
instance, is the broker doing some magic when setting up queues?

Tried both ActiveMQ 5.2.0 and 5.1.0, seems to be no changes in the

Johan Kindgren
Acrend AB
Phone: +46 (0) 733-58 36 60

Johan Kindgren
Acrend AB
Phone: +46 (0) 733-58 36 60

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