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From Andreas Gies <>
Subject Re: Use of MirroredQueues results in OutOfMemoryError
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2009 12:54:42 GMT
Hi there,

which version of Active MQ are you using ?

On Mar 24, 2009, at 9:20 PM, jvh wrote:

> We are experiencing an OutOfMemoryError when using MirroredQueues  
> and I was
> wondering if someone could comment on whether our use (or  
> interpretation) of
> these Mirrored Queues is correct, or if there is a bug in the  
> BrokerService
> code.
> In our case, we have an existing application “A” that uses  
> messaging, but we
> now have a new application “B” that will only sometimes monitor the
> messaging on the original application “A”.  We don’t want the first
> application “A” to have to know about, or to do anything different if
> application “B” is there listening to the messages or not.
> This seemed like a decent use of MirroredQueues (since they  
> evidently create
> a “topic” that can be used as a wire-tap), but evidently by setting
> BrokerService.setUseMirroredQueues(true) on the broker for Project  
> “A”,
> we’ve introduced a rather large memory leak.
> The objects that appear to grow in number are:
> org.apache.activemq.command.ActiveMQTopic
> This seems to suggest the mirrored messages are being retained, but  
> the
> Broker has setPersistent(false) specified and I don’t see any way to  
> set
> Time to Live, or any other way for the Broker to monitor and remove if
> necessary on the Mirrored Queue only, etc..  If I look at the queues  
> via
> jConsole MBeans, I can see the  
> Topic.VirtualTopic.Mirror.DacIncomingQueue
> with attributes showing that the messages are only being enqueue and  
> not
> dequeued.  I really want the Broker to drop these messages if  
> Application
> “B” is not there to dequeue them.
> Is it recommended that we use MirroredQueues to do this?  If so,  
> what’s the
> best way to set things up so I don’t have a memory problem if the  
> other
> application is not listening to the mirroredQueue? … and if not, we  
> would
> appreciate any other suggestions.
> ---- For attached Example Code----
> The code attached is a simplified version of our Project “A” only and
> represents the case where Project “B” is not online (and not  
> included in
> this example at all in fact) … it does show our use of Spring  
> Templates to
> set up the Broker (and the producer and consumer clients).  I’ve  
> tried to
> remove quite a bit of the extraneous stuff to try to get it down to  
> the
> basic problem, but I apologize that it still has a bit of fluff.   
> I’ve also
> arranged things such that the broker is in a separate JVM to more  
> easily see
> the memory growth of this component.  The BrokerService is specified  
> in the
> class.
> For the attached code and the 8MB specified for the JVM, we get  
> about 3542
> messages before the broker dies with an OutOfMemoryError
> I’ve also noticed that there is a  
> BrokerService.setUseTempMirroredQueue()
> method and wonder if that is more appropriate for my use since it  
> implies
> that the Mirrored Queue will be temporary, but the JavaDoc for this  
> message
> is empty and I’ve seen nothing on the forums as to its  
> characteristics and
> proper use.  When I do use the Temporary Mirrored Queues, I also  
> don’t see
> the same Virtual Topic that should be created that I see with the  
> regular
> MirroredQueue topic (i.e. I don’t see VirtualTopic.Mirror.Foo.Bar  
> being
> created for a queue of Foo.Bar), so this doesn’t seem to fit our  
> needs.
> If you want to run the code, run jms-broker first, then run jms-client
> (client contains both a message producer and consumer).  There is a
> README.txt file in the top level directory of each application for  
> build and
> execution instructions.
> Using ActiveMQ 5.2.0 and Spring 2.5.4 on a Windows XP SP2 platform  
> (but
> we’ve seen this on unix platforms as well) and I’ve been using  
> jconsole, and
> jvisualvm to monitor memory growth and queues
> -- 
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