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From cart2man <>
Subject Performance tuning distributed queues (was issues - negative queue size; msgs not being delivered...)
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2009 22:12:12 GMT

I solved part of the issue by changing prefetch size from 1 -> 0.  No longer
getting the negative queue size.

One thing I am now noticing is that when all of the C/C++ consumers are
subscribed to the distributed Queue on one activemq server and from Java I
publish the connect request to the Queue on the other activemq server, the
throughput is a fraction of what it is when I publish the connect request to
the Queue on the same activemq server.

Any thoughts on how to performance tune?

cart2man wrote:
> I'm having some problems that I hope you can help me sort out.
> Architecture:
> 2 activemq 5.2 brokers running on different hosts in a network of brokers
> configuration.  Each defines a single networkConnector as follows:
>            <networkConnector uri="multicast://default?group=PROD"
>                 name="default-nc"
>                 networkTTL="2"
>                 dynamicOnly="true"
>                 conduitSubscriptions="true"
>                 decreaseNetworkConsumerPriority="false">
>             </networkConnector>
> I have a collection of server processes written in C/C++.  Each of these
> subscribe to the same queue called "connectrequests" and I rely on
> activemq to dispatch messages sent to that queue in a round-robin fashion. 
> The connect string used here is
> failover://(tcp://server1:61516,tcp://server1:61516)?jms.prefetchPolicy.queuePrefetch=1
> I have a web application written in Java which uses Spring JMSTemplate to
> publish messages out to the C/C++ services.  The connect string used here
> is
> discovery:(multicast://default?group=PROD)?initialReconnectDelay=100&jms.useAsyncSend=true
> After a while (~300k msgs), I see the queue size for the connectrequests
> queue become a negative number and the C/C++ consumers stop getting new
> messages.  When I purge the queue using JMX, the messages start flowing
> again.
> I've read AMQ-2009 and AMQ-1940 but not sure if this is exactly the same
> thing.
> Any ideas?

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