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From ronchalant <>
Subject Dynamic Brokers
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2009 20:58:13 GMT

I want to embed an ActiveMQ broker into an application so that when the
application starts, the broker starts.  This broker would be part of a chain
of brokers in a store-forward architecture*, and these brokers may go
up/down.  What I need to be able to do is that as brokers are added or
removed from a system, other brokers recognize this.  All consumers would be
local; this is intended to be used to distribute tasks among different
instances of the application.

Are there samples anywhere of this sort of thing, starting the ActiveMQ
Brokers dynamically within code, and tearing them down within code as well? 
Ideally, in a controlled teardown, I'd like to forward all messages to other
brokers if any are available manually (though this isn't critical, because
if the node comes back up it should just pick those messages up under
store-forward, correct?)

I apologize if I'm missing the examples somewhere on the site, all I'm
seeing is various ways to start/stop brokers, producers and consumers from
the command line.

*tentatively; a master/slave w/ KahaDB might be preferable if it was stable
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