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From Michael Franz <MFr...@FFTW.COM>
Subject Re: XMPP: does it work for anybody?
Date Sun, 15 Mar 2009 15:20:52 GMT

semog wrote:
> So here is my Jabber settings from our Hudson build server:
> Jabber ID: hudson-dev
> Password: *********  (this doesn't really matter)
> Initial group chats: hudsontalk@conference.jmsserver
> Server: jmsserver
> Port: 61222
> Expose Presence: true
> ActiveMQ is running on the server 'jmsserver' and the XMPP protocol is
> listening on port 61222.  When the Jabber plug-in running on Hudson
> connects, it will join a group chat named 'hudsontalk'.  It knows that
> this is a group chat because of the suffix of '@conference'.  For the
> build job configuration, I tell the plugin to broadcast notifications to
> "hudsontalk@conference".  If I wanted to send to a particular person, I
> would use a destination such as "jgomes@jmsserver".  This would send a
> message directly to me if my IM client were connected to the jmsserver.
> I then configure Pidgin 2.4.3 account settings to connect with the
> following settings:
> In the Account dialog on the basic tab in the Login Options area, set the
> Protocol to be XMPP. Enter your username (jgomes for me), domain settings
> and whatever Password you want.  I left the User Options area blank.  On
> the Advanced tab, I have the following settings:
> XMPP Options -
> Require SSL/TLS: unchecked
> Force old (port 5223) SSL: unchecked
> Allow plantext auth over unencrypted streams: checked
> Connect port: 61222
> Connect server: jmsserver
> File transfer proxies:
> Proxy type: Use Global Proxy Settings
> With the client account settings created.  From the main window, I select
> Buddies -> Join a Chat.  Set the following values:
> Account: (Choose the account that was created above)
> Room: hudsontalk
> Server: jmsserver
> Handle: jgomes
> Password: (doesn't matter)
> Then click on Join button.  This sets up both ends of the communication
> with ActiveMQ operating as the instant messaging server.  I don't know if
> that will help or not, but maybe it will get you going with some ideas on
> how to approach using XMPP with ActiveMQ.
> Best,
> Jim


Thanks for the detailed setup.  However, when I tried this with Pidgin 2.5.4
and ActiveMQ 5.2.0 on OS X the connect (enable) pidgon gives me the
following error: Server does not use any supported authentication method.

The ActiveMQ log has this:
INFO  XmppTransport                  - Caught trying to close transport:
	at org.apache.activemq.util.ServiceSupport.stop(

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