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From Andreas Gies <>
Subject Re: Using properties with BytesMessage with XML content
Date Wed, 11 Mar 2009 18:19:29 GMT

i can understand your point from a theoretical point of view.
This having said, i never ran into problems using TextMessages for XML  
If your clients are distributed across different geograhical regions  
and use different encoding
there *might* be an issue, but you can come around those as well.

With repect to the properties:

Use them as you see fit. Not using properties for BytesMessages: I  
believe this has been said because
the properties are most often related to the message content and that  
might be hard to determine for bytesMessages.
If you can set properties that can be used for proper selection I  
would advise to do so.

Hope that helps
On Mar 6, 2009, at 3:00 AM, Antsa wrote:

> Using ActiveMQ, I want to send UTF8 encoded XML.  BytesMessage seems  
> the most
> appropriate although the JMS javadocs state that TextMessage is for  
> XML - (I
> disagree as UTF8 is not 'text', i.e. a sequence of chars in Java,  
> it's a
> sequence of bytes - this is like using application/xml instead of  
> text/xml -
> but I digress...).
> Anyway, the javadocs also state
> "Although the JMS API allows the use of message properties with byte
> messages, they are typically not used"
> I want to add properties because I want the consumers to be able to  
> use
> selectors (rather than consuming all messages and discarding the  
> ones they
> don't want)
> I've read various post in places on this subject, but as I'm new to  
> JMS and
> am using ActiveMQ, wanted to know what others experience of this is.
> Antony
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