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From Gisbert Amm <>
Subject How to communicate between two Spring-webapps in Tomcat within the same VM
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2009 12:30:31 GMT
Hi ActiveMQ list,

you provide really great software!

I'm sorry if I should ask something obvious, but I've read the manual
and the website up and down and couldn't find a hint.

I've got two webapps that are configured via Spring and deployt into
Tomcat. I want them to communicate with each other via ActiveMQ within
the same VM.

ATM, I'm using

<amq:networkConnector name="defaultNetworkConnector"


<amq:transportConnector name="defaultTransportConnector"

because I didn't find another solution for the first try (I could have
used peer:, but the target system is firewalled, so I set the ports
explicitly - the above syntax is for Maven filtering). This works like a

However, I don't really want two threads within the same VM to
communicate over TCP sockets. I tried vm:, but it didn't work. I was not
able to find out how the beans of my second webapp's context should be
configured to use the queues defined in the context of the first webapp.

Can somebody point me to an example or some documentation on how to
configure this setup with Spring?

That would be great.

Thank you,

"Fact 23. One of the two most common causes of runaway projects is
unstable requirements. (Robert L. Glass)"

Gisbert Amm
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