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From agrabil <>
Subject Confusion about dynamicOnly NetworkConnector property
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2009 20:56:30 GMT

I'm having trouble understanding the proper use for the 'dynamicOnly'
NetworkConnector property.  In the table of properties described here, I find this

dynamicOnly (default=false): if true, only forward messages if a consumer is
active on the connected broker 

Then, on the same page, under Configuration Pitfalls, it reads:

If dynamicOnly is set to false and the networkTTL to a low number it's
possible that all the messages will end up at a certain broker with no
networkTTL left. Therefore you will not be able to receive this messages
from a queue if your client isn't connected to this specific broker. To
avoid this behavior be sure to set the TTL to a high enough value (at very
least the number of brokers the message will pass though in the worst case)
and, more important, to set dynamicOnly to true.

These statements seem to contradict one another.  According the the
description in the table, when dynamicOnly=true, the messages are forwarded
to the another broker only if that broker has an active consumer.  Yet, the
Configuration Pitfalls note says "If dynamicOnly is set to false... it's
possible... you will not be able to receive messages from a queue if your
client (i.e. consumer?) isn't connected to this specific broker."

I read this over and over, and I keep getting myself wrapped around the
axle.  I have a pretty simple setup with two brokers A and B, where I have a
consumer on A, and a producer on B, and I have a static connection
configured from B to A.  At various times, messages stop being forwarded
from broker B to broker A, and thus my consumer sits idle.  I'm trying to
determine if I need to set this property and/or the networkTTL.

Greg Rabil

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