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From iBorg <>
Subject Installation & Use of ActiveMQ NMS for MSMQ
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2009 13:36:06 GMT

hi all, 
I am sorry if this is an out of context post, and please excuse my noobness,

To set the scene, At my company, we have a setup of 8 load balanced
webservers (IIS), that stick a record into "Microsoft" MessageQueue (MSMQ).  
I have been performing research and testing into using Linux Mono /ActiveMQ
as we wish to upscale and dont want to use Microsoft any more than we have
to! Hence this investigation/development is destined for a live online
production environment.

I have got ALL our .Net Code and objects working on Mono, apart from 1
thing, the MSMQ portion of the code.  I have tried for the last 2 weeks to
get the ActiveMQ-NMS-MSMQ trunk of the code to compile on linux without
success, probly due to an "incorrect build environment".  But, I notice from
the Trunk code (
) that the NMS is infact .NET code to start with. Which can be compiled on a
Win Box? and Used on Mono??

For Each build I am creating a VPS "server image" of only the software I
Need for a given node.  So, each deployable build has say
apache2/mono/ActiveMQ for example, all installed to a fresh Linux OS.
ActiveMQ NMS is a mystery to me though.

I have Many questions if someone out there knows this stuff off the top of
your head, i'd be delighted to hear from you:-

1)  I cant find Any "Usefull" documentation on the Installation of this
"NMS" module for ActiveMQ thats of any use.
2)  Does this NMS code, produce DLL's or Assembiles and if SO are they to be
referenced in the .Net Mono code, or configured to run inside ActiveMQ as
some kind of module addin?
3)  Can the NMS code be compiled on a .NET win Box and if so how? And how is
it used to programaticly communicate with MSMQ?
4)  Can ActiveMQ, have a Local Queue that writes out to a remote MSMQ?
5)  Is  there Some documentation somewhere that ive missed, on why i need to
build Apache.NMS trunk before Apache.NMS.MSMQ?  Whats the correct Build
sequence and use?

My Issue is that on a webserver, when it recieves a hit on a URL it needs to
connect out to a remote Server and Insert a String record into a remote

I guess what i really need is a Guide or some help that details an install
to a Fresh Clean Server.

I found that This.. 
Is no good to me at all.  svn complains about finding dirs called ".." in
the source tree, and crashes, and the build dont work for me either on
linux, ive not yet tried on windows as yet, and in any case, were i to
compile the NMS code, how is it to be integrated into my project code, or
into ActiveMQ?

Or am I just barking up the wrong tree and confusing myself?

Warm Regards


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