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From mcarter <>
Subject Re: Messages being consumed but not delivered to the application
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2009 03:10:14 GMT

I'm so unbelievably happy that I worked out what was causing this issue!

It seems that the two servers I was using had different times set on them.
So the receiving machine thought the message was expired, and so rejected
it, while the broker itself thought the message was fine, and so hung onto

Incidentally I needed to hack on the source code to reveal this and noticed
that had I been able to enable debug logging on the broker it would have
told me what the problem was right away. But I found I couldn't actually get
any debugging output from activeMQ, even after setting up a
file as recommended by the activeMQ website. Has anyone else had trouble
getting activeMQ to output debugging information?

mcarter wrote:
> That would certainly produce the described behaviour. I've checked very
> carefully though and I'm 100% certain that I don't have another consumer.
> I've discovered a few more things though.
> I only have two machines involved in this transaction but it seems to only
> be triggered when I"m using a particular two machines, which suggests to
> me that the network layout has something to do with. (I have to stress
> here the the network connection really does work though since I can send
> messages one way and I'm sure I receive the data back)
> Out of curiosity I tries starting the comsumer on the machine which I knew
> would fail, and a short time later starting an identical consumer on a
> different machine (which doesn't exhibit this problem) and discovered that
> the second consumer received the message, but only after the first
> consumers receive() call had timed out and returned null. It's almost like
> the first consumer is receiving the message but not acknowledging it
> properly, so after it fails, the broker sends the message to someone else.
> Any ideas on what could trigger this kind of behaviour?

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