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From Bjørn T Johansen <>
Subject Problem configuring a "network of brokers"?
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2009 13:24:11 GMT
Not sure how to configure this or if it's even possible with ActiveMQ.
The system we are want to use is as follows.:

One central broker.
X number of "client brokers", placed in different location (over WAN) but with contact to
the central broker

The clients connects to the "client brokers" and when they post a message to a "client broker"
it should be forwarded to the central broker where
someone should consume it. And when posting a message to the central broker, it should be
forwarded to one of the "client brokers" (depending on which
queue it's posted on), and a client can read it from the "client broker"
I.e no messages should transfer from one "client broker" to another "client broker", all messages
should just travel between the central broker and
one of the "client brokers".

The reason we want a configuration like this, is so messages can be posted even if the network
between a client and the central broker is down..

Did that make any sense? Is this possible? 
I have been looking at a network of brokers but as fas as I can see, this is more a load balancing
configuration and that is not what we want...



Bjørn T Johansen
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