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From Uwe Kubosch <>
Subject Consuming Advisory messages from ActiveMQ using stomp
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2009 14:31:28 GMT
Hi all!

I am connecting to ActiveMQ using stomp.

I need to get the connection information for clients from ActiveMQ.
My first thought was to subscribe to /topic/ActiveMQ.Advisory.Connection.

Subscription and message receive work, but the payloads of the messages
are empty.  I receive messages when clients connect or disconnect, but
the messages are empty when they reach MyProcessor#onMessage

Looking at I found

"A subscription to each of the destination returns an ActiveMQMessage.
Specific DataStructure objects (ie. ConsumerInfo,
ProducerInfo,ConnectionInfo) can be retrieve via getDataStructure
method of ActiveMQMessage."

My suspicion is that the JMS message posted on the topic loses all
significant information when converted to a Stomp message.  Can anyone
confirm or deny this?

If my suspicion is correct, I guess I must use a JMS connection.  Are
there any problems using a JMS connection together with a Stomp
connection to the same ActiveMQ server?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

With kind regards,
Uwe Kubosch
Datek Wireless

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