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From mkeenan <>
Subject Re: NMS and non-responsive queue
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2009 15:03:24 GMT

semog wrote:
> consumer" situation.  If the messages are flagged as non-persistent, then
> everything works fine.  We are still working on narrowing down the
> problem.

I'm having the same problem as the OP, so we put a workaround in our
production system.

However, I am interested in pursuing the non-persistent option but am having
problems.  I am using Spring.NET, but I don't think the issue is in that
code. In my log file I can see that a message with Persistent=False was sent
by a message producer:

[2009-01-30 08:45:25,541] [12] [DEBUG] [NmsTemplate] Sending created message
[ActiveMQTextMessage[ ProducerId= Destination= TransactionId=
OriginalDestination= MessageId= OriginalTransactionId= GroupID=
GroupSequence=0 CorrelationId= Persistent=False Expiration=0 Priority=0
ReplyTo= Timestamp=0 Type= Content=System.Byte[] MarshalledProperties=
DataStructure= TargetConsumerId= Compressed=False RedeliveryCounter=0
BrokerPath= Arrival=0 UserID= RecievedByDFBridge=False Droppable=False ]
Text=message # 0001]

In the JMX console, if I use the browseAsTable() method I see
JMSDeliveryMode is PERSISTENT.  I have confirmed this is the case by
stopping and restarting the broker-- the message is still on the queue.

Is it possible I have a setting in the broker that forces all messages to
persist? I thought it was a per-message setting only.

I'm using Transactional acknowledgment mode, if that makes a difference.

Thanks for any hints!
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