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From alters <>
Subject Re: Changes to C# client in 5.2 ? Can't connect via STOMP...
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2009 20:49:27 GMT

Timothy Bish wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-01-19 at 11:14 -0800, alters wrote:
>> We've historically used the 4.1.1 era c# client to connect to 4.1.1
>> brokers. 
>> In a recent architecture review with our vendor (whom we connect to via
>> ActiveMQ), it was decided that we would experiment with the new 5.2 era
>> c#
>> client connecting to a 5.2 broker to see if this improved our lives any.
>> We
>> have lots of client crashes, weird re-connection issues where the broker
>> still thinks the client we killed is alive and so on.
>> So we went to download the latest c# client code via subversion. I
>> downloaded this as per the website
>> on January 16th.  We had
>> issues
>> building that solution, I got nant errors (I don't use Maven or Nant),
>> but
>> then noticed that subversion had also downloaded DLL's, so we just tried
>> those: I opened up the solution for my queue client, removed the
>> reference
>> to the old DLL and added the reference to the new DLL, then re-built. No
>> errors! So we're feeling pretty good.
>> However, when we went to actually connect to our server
>> (stomp:// or whatnot, same as always), we get the
>> following
>> errors:
>> 19/01/2009 1:36:08 PM WRN Transmitter.Setup:: The transport stomp is not
>> supported.
>>    at
>> Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ.Transport.TransportFactory.AddTransportFactory(String
>> scheme)
>>    at
>> Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ.Transport.TransportFactory.findTransportFactory(Uri
>> location)
>>    at Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ.ConnectionFactory.CreateConnection(String
>> userName, String password)
>>    at FAInterface.Transmitter.Setup_R()
>> This seems to be a client code issue as if we use our old DLL we can
>> connect
>> to both 4.1 and 5.2 brokers.  What are we missing? 
> Is there a reason why you are using the Stomp protocol as opposed to the
> native one?  The C# client should able able to talk to both 4.1.1 and
> 5.2 using its native OpenWire protocol.
> Regards
> Tim.

Our vendor advised that we should switch to STOMP around a year ago when we
found that messages we sent containing special characters, for instance a
french name with accents, were being mangled on the other end.  Attempts
were made at the time to make sure the messages we sent were in the correct
formats, but this did not resolve the issue.  Switching to STOMP cured us of
this specific problem at the time.

We have been able to establish TCP connectivity this time around; we are
testing special characters soon.  If accented characters are able to be sent
round trip without becoming garbled, we can ignore the STOMP requirement for
now and move ahead with TCP.

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