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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: basic questions about ActiveMQ
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2008 12:59:55 GMT
2008/12/9 beilschmidt <>:
> Hi togehter,
> for a composition I have to compare different product, among other things
> the product "ActiveMQ".
> Now I need a affirmation, that the informations which I found are correct:
> -----------------
> - protocol-adaption: with "JBI Binding Components"

Yes, the ServiceMix project has a JBI binding for ActiveMQ

> - programm-expandability: possible to create an new JBI Component (Java),
> use Stomp,

For consuming yes. Currently there's no Java Stomp client for sending
messages to a Stomp broker; but you can send to ActiveMQ using the JMS
client so there's not such a big demand for it..

> - high availability: e.g. clustering is possible
> - load-balancing: function available


> - data confidentiality: data encryption is possible, more function possible?
> - data/message integrity: Master/Slave, Synchronous, Hybrid, other function
> possible? (e.g. hash-funxtion - MD5)

There are hooks you can plugin to transform messages however you like
for things like this.

> - authenticity: e.g. using JAAS for authentication
> - authorization: e.g. user roles (read, write, admin)


> - non-repudiability: no information found - possible?

What kind of thing did you have in mind?

> - single sign on: no information found - possible?

You can plugin any kind of security plugin to do this...


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