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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: EIPs in the ActiveMQ broker and clustering
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2008 10:09:12 GMT
2008/12/3 Stephen J <>:
> I think I need to explain what I'm trying to do in more detail. I want to use
> ActiveMQ as a broker between two MQ series message queues. I can do this
> with JMS bridging in a master/slave configuration.
> However, I saw that JMS bridging is being deprecated, so I was going to use
> camel routes instead, as was suggested to another user on the forums. The
> master/slave part using camel routes doesn't work like the JMS bridging.
> With JMS bridging only 1 server at a time is brokering the messages between
> the MQ queues. With the camel routes, both the master and the slave come up
> with live routes, so either one could be brokering messages between the
> queues.

Hosting the Camel route inside master and slave will indeed run those
routes on both JVMs. However if you are connecting to the brokers via
TCP with failover (as I described in a previous mail in this thread) -
the routes running in the slave JVM will actually connect to the

> I can't use the ActiveMQ failover transport because I don't control the
> clients or the MQ servers.
> The only thing I can control is the ActiveMQ
> broker between the two MQ servers.


 (i) configure your ActiveMQ brokers master/slave and
 (ii) configure the camel routes to use failover to the 2 brokers
using TCP as I described in the previous mail

> The issue I am concerned about is setting up JMS bridging then having that
> deprecated in new versions of ActiveMQ and not being able to do the same
> things with camel routes. I really would like to use Camel routes because of
> the great power and flexibility of Camel.

Camel is never gonna be deprecated so moving to it will be a great choice :)

> Sorry if I didn't make this clear before. I appreciate your help on this.
> I think ActiveMQ and Camel are some of the best pieces of software I have
> ever seen. Thanks to all who have worked on these products.



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