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From "Jim Lloyd" <>
Subject Race condition with transport listener and failover transports??
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2008 23:11:31 GMT
We're building a client library to install into our customer's applications
for publishing messages to our applications via ActiveMQ. We need to ensure
that our client library never blocks any of the customer's application's
threads. We also want to ensure that our client library is resilient to
problems connecting to a broker.

Our strategy is to use a failover transport. It looks like we can use the
default failover transport options as documented on the
We're registering a TransportListener so that we can avoid blocking as
noted at the bottom of the failover transport reference page.

I have noticed a possible race condition and I wonder if there is something
I am overlooking.

Our class that manages our connection looks something like this:

class TopicPublisherClient implements TransportListener {
    private boolean mIsConnected = false;
    private TopicConnection mConnection;
    private TopicSession mSession;
    private TopicPublisher mPublisher;

    public void transportInterupted() { mIsConnected = false; }

    public void transportResumed() { mIsConnected = true; }

    private void initialize(String brokerURL) throws JMSException {
        ActiveMQConnectionFactory factory = new
        mConnection = factory.createTopicConnection();
        ((ActiveMQConnection) mConnection).addTransportListener(this);
        mSession = mConnection.createTopicSession(false,
        createTopics(); // creates several Topic instances, details not
important here
        mPublisher = mSession.createPublisher(null);

With the code as above, the transportResumed() callback is called before
initialize() exits. However the callback is called asynchronously, so as far
as I can tell we can't rely on when the callback will be called.

In fact, the race condition is even more problematic. If I insert a
Thread.sleep(1000) between the call to createTopicConnection() and the call
to addTransportListener(), then the callback is never called. If a sleep
causes this to happen, then even without the sleep it may happen. Is there
any way for us to guard against this? It seems to me that
createTopicConnection should have a variant that takes the
TransportListener. That variant should be able to be free of any race
conditions. Or am I missing some other solution?

Jim Lloyd

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