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From trevoro <>
Subject Re: Queue repeatedly stalls
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2008 00:16:42 GMT

I see this same problem. I'm using ActiveMQ 5.2.0 and  Sun JDK1.6.0_02. 

When we try and post a large number of messages to a Queue it stalls after
4096 messages. If I leave the publisher running and flush the queue, it will
receive a few hundred more messages prior to stalling again. This issue does
not occur on ActiveMQ 5.1.0. 

Increasing the queue memory limit to 20mb allows me to put 10,000 messages
through in a couple seconds, however attempting to put more messages through
the queue results in a stall. I can keep going down this path. I currentl
have it set at 256 megs for the queue memory limit, and I can put 100,000
messages through in ~25 seconds.

The biggest problem is the CPU utilization during this time. ActiveMQ
consumes about 50% of the CPU while putting these messages on the queue.
ActiveMQ 5.1.0 did not exhibit this type of behavior during heavy load. 

Any thoughts?

mysomicra wrote:
> I wrote a quick performance test to send 100,000 messages to newly
> installed activeMQ broker and am noticing odd behaviour.
> The producer blocks at exactly the same number of sent messages each time
> - 5091, and on the machine where activeMQ is installed, its cpu usage
> drops to zero.
> The seamingly odd thing is that while the producer is blocking, if I go
> into the web console and view the stalled queue -
> http://appserver:8161/admin/browse.jsp?JMSDestination=queuejms.testQueue,
> the whole thing winds back up immediately and the entire send completes
> about a minute later.
> I have tried tweaking various systemUsage parameters, but get exactly the
> same result.

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