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From skomarla <>
Subject Re: message grouping not working?
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2008 23:52:13 GMT

hate bumping, but bump... Also, this might be related:

If anyone has any input, it would be greatly appreciated.


skomarla wrote:
> I have posted my comments in
> since I originally
> thought it might be related to the RA, but I'm not sure if it is localized
> to the RA.
> Attached is a unit test and some sample code.. It has a junit test with
> two tests in it. 
> Both tests start out with sending some message to a same queue split
> across three different group ids (20 to group A, 10 to group B, 5 to group
> C). My understanding of message groups leads me to believe that the
> messages within a group are delivered sequentially, but across the groups
> they are delivered in parallel.
> If you look at the output of the unit tests, it does not seem to be the
> case. in many cases, it seems the messages get delivered in FIFO order
> ignoring groups entirely... in the listeners, I have setup various sleeps
> to simulate slow consumers.. When the message is from group C, the sleep
> time is small, and thus all 5 messages from group C should be delivered
> before the second message from group is delivered.. it does not seem to be
> the case
> 1 test uses the connection factory directly to setup message consumers,
> and another uses spring's listener container. Neither seem to do what I
> expect. Maybe I just have something setup horribly incorrectly, but I've
> seen the exact same bahaviour using the RA.
> Sorry for the double post, but I figured i'd post in the user forum as
> well.. soem log output is in the JIRA issue..

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