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From qwidjibo <>
Subject Recurring problem with blocking sends in 5.2
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2008 03:35:22 GMT

Hi all.

I've been having recurring issues with blocking sends that I'm having a
really hard time diagnosing.

I've got a couple of moderately high traffic queues (single digit msgs/sec)
being published to by a couple of java services (over openwire) and received
by O(100) stomp+ssl clients. They are being dispatched using selectors to
target a specific stomp client.

It seems that roughly once every 12 - 36 hours, though, sends from the java
services block. I have other java services (and stomp clients) that continue
sending and receiving just fine. 

I initially thought it might be memory consumption, but all my queues are
staying near empty -- usually under 100 msgs systemwide total, and they are
all small messages. I'm also not seeing any errors in the logs that would
suggest memory issues, even if I set the log level down to debug. I'm not
seeing any relevant error or warning message of any kind, in fact.

Next, I thought it might be related to this issue:, so I upgraded to 5.2
(which claimed to fix it) and the problem recurred. I also looked through a
thread dump to try and find the condition the bug mentioned and couldn't
find it explicitly. Though, in writing this, I am curious if the bug was
fixed both for writes to openwire and to stomp.

This is turning into a nasty show-stopper for me, as it didn't start
appearing till we took the product live. 

Anybody out there had any luck with similar symptoms?

Running amq 5.2 on ubuntu xen instances, java 6, 64-bit.

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