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From "Bruce Snyder" <>
Subject Re: Data Handling in AMQ
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2008 18:07:37 GMT
On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 12:34 AM, smo001 <> wrote:
> Okay this was my question.
> My problem was, that i read in Active MQ that i can transform messages with
> it. But i think it means the transformation from one message type into an
> other message typ, but not the transformation of the message content.
> Now i'll take a look to Apache Camel. What do you think is the better
> projekt for message tranformations? Should i use Camel or Apache ServiceMix
> in combination with ActiveMQ.
> ServiceMix seems to be much more        flexible. But first i've to read about
> both projekts.

It depends on what you need really. Either one can be used but
ServiceMix is heavier than Camel and won't integrate as easily with
your Java applications.

Camel is a simply a Java API so it can be used anywhere you write Java
code. It's not a container to which you deploy things. You just use
the Camel API in your Java code and include the appropriate Camel JARs
in your project for compilation and runtime.

ServiceMix is a container to which you deploy services. This process
is very similar to the way that Tomcat is a container where you deploy
web applications. ServiceMix includes components for many common
protocols and many common engines (including Camel) and those
components are configured to process messages using those protocols
and engines. ServiceMix 3.x is the most widely deployed version of
ServiceMix but ServiceMix 4 is just coming out (and ServiceMix 4 has a
whole new architecture).

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