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From Dejan Bosanac <>
Subject Re: Configuring ActiveMQ in OSGi containers
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2008 12:58:46 GMT
Hi Christopher,

the servicemix.activemq bundle does exactly what you are describing. It
just instantiates ActiveMQ using the external configuration file.
You can start exploring that code and create your own bundle that will
better fit your application.


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> Hi Dejan,
> Thank you for your detailed reply.
> My feeling at this point is that the recommendation you forwarded is a
> little service mix centric. While I will probably be using the service mix
> kernel ultimately, I do not want to be tied to it.
> I am new to OSGi but I thought that it had a configuration manager and that
> that was supposed to help externalise configuration from the bundle. That is
> certainly what I am looking for.
> Another option is to effectively instantiate ActiveMQ from within a bundle
> of my own and configure it programatically. I'm shying away from this though
> because it means that I would then have to create a bundle for every
> configuration of every type of service in my OSGi world. That seems
> cumbersome at this point and does not recognise an administration role as
> distinct from a development role. I cannot see that administrators would
> want to go in and build bundles each time they wish to change a
> configuration.
> I'm probably rambling now, but what I'm looking for is some means within
> OSGi containers to configure bundles outside the bundle itself in an OSGi
> compliant manner. Spring server dm seems to have got something going with
> regards to tomcat in this manner i.e. tomcat's conf folder is externalised.
> However I am not clear on how this is done or whether it is OSGi
> best-practice.
> Further thoughts?
> Kind regards,
> Christopher

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