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From "Gary Tully" <>
Subject Re: AMQ-5.2.0 RC3: JMS Exception Could not correlate acknowledgment with dispatched message
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2008 13:44:13 GMT
> This test is the first time we're seeing this message - our applications are
> in production environments
> and this is not being exhibited at all, so I think our batch glue layer is
> not the source of the problem.
Ok, I am not thinking it is the source of the problem but it may be
the key to reproducing the problem in a test case.

> Also, the code I'm using in the test uses other glue classes which are part
> of our framework and cannot
> be easily separated to form a stand alone test case. Could you perhaps point
> me to a test case that
> perhaps resembles my setup and I'll be happy to modify it to test what I'm
> trying to achieve?
Great. Possibly look at
The support class that it extends could provide some useful
scaffolding. Ie: this starts an embedded broker with consumers and
produces and validate that the produced messages were consumed.
Another example of the same sort of thing, creating consumers and
firing off loads of messages, asserting behavior is:

Hope this helps get you started.

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