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From thabach <>
Subject Re: Reconciliation after ActiveMQ server crash.
Date Sat, 29 Nov 2008 20:55:09 GMT

djencks wrote:
> I looked at the failover docs I could find and I think thabach was  
> asking a different question that AFAICT the failover docs don't  
> discuss... anyway I've wondered about this question :-) :

Right, the concrete scenario I was considering was a simple
(non-transactional) producer experiencing a JMSException while sending a
message due to connection loss. 

rajdavies   wrote:
> It replays messages on your behalf that haven't been acknowledged -  
> there is duplicate detection built in to the broker and the clients  
> too ...
You refer to the case when the connection was only temporarily lost, do you
? Then the ActiveMQ client runtime would have done a resend transparently
and some broker side duplicate detection would have set in, right ?

But what if the runtime decides to inform application layers by throwing an
exception - then IMHO all the producer can do is to keep trying to
re-connect and do the resend itself. My question thus actually was if I
could somehow from an application level utilize the "internal" duplicate
detection in reconciliation.

djencks wrote:
> The only way I know of to actually guarantee this is to send the  
> message inside an xa transaction where the sending of the message is  
> recorded "locally" somehow, for instance by marking the data that the  
> message is generated from or by inserting a record into a database.

So what you are saying is that owing to XA transaction semantics, if the
producer was transactional it could deduce if its message made it to the
broker or not ?

Cool talking to you guys - Christian.

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