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From stevec <>
Subject Re: Wire format negotiation timeout
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2008 04:30:58 GMT

Do you have failover and reconnect logic?  It might not be a problem for you
if you have this logic.  Your client will keep trying to connect and once
connected, will send the message.  new connections are not super reliable
(in my opinion).  if the listening socket is busy i have seen new
connections fail.  since we retry, it is not a big deal... maybe in
10seconds the client will show up on the broker.

the best practice is to have a connection already and just send messages
over it.  why open a new connection everytime?  also once established the
persistence i think would work better, since you need to actually publish
something for persistence to kick in.

it just depends on what type of reliability you want.  you could always
debug your application further to see how long it is taking to do various
tasks.  but if you have reconnect logic already and you are not failing
after you connect, then probably you are running OK.  just depends on
whether you want to do it the best way and invest that effort

jaya_srini wrote:
> Thanks for the response, Steve!
> Our broker is not public and the clients are all internal applications and
> not internet users. 
> we intermittently altho frequently see this error when the client is
> trying to publish a message. Our clients are both publishers and
> subscribers. For every publish, the client creates a new connection, sends
> the message and closes the connection. it receives  the message on a
> separate connection.
> Our clients also do DB intensive operations in parallel (not on the
> ActiveMQ thread) but in separate threads. If for some reason , the client
> is pegged doing the DB operations could this cause the client to not
> respond in a timely manner to the broker and as a result we see these
> timeout issues?
> thanks again!
> jaya

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