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From jaya_srini <>
Subject Re: Wire format negotiation timeout
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2008 01:49:19 GMT

Thanks for the response, Steve!

Our broker is not public and the clients are all internal applications and
not internet users. 

we intermittently altho frequently see this error when the client is trying
to publish a message. Our clients are both publishers and subscribers. For
every publish, the client creates a new connection, sends the message and
closes the connection. it receives  the message on a separate connection.

Our clients also do DB intensive operations in parallel (not on the ActiveMQ
thread) but in separate threads. If for some reason , the client is pegged
doing the DB operations could this cause the client to not respond in a
timely manner to the broker and as a result we see these timeout issues?

thanks again!

stevec wrote:
> I do not know why they classify as an "ERROR".  This is good for
> information purposes; it is not an error.
> Go ahead and telnet to your broker using your brokers port.  Then do
> nothing.  You will generate this error after the timeout.  This error is
> caused by many different possibilities:
> Your client initiates a connection and then does nothing.    Are you
> clients regular internet users?  if so, then this is perfectly normal
> unless you are getting a number of these every few seconds.  If your
> clients are your own internal applications, then you should investigate.
> If your broker is publically accessible and as part of normal internet
> traffic, there are people sniffing out your ports.  they connect to this
> port, dont know how to respond to activemq, and they get booted off with
> the timeout.
> If you have a publically accessible broker you will see this "error".  
> jaya_srini wrote:
>> Sorry to bug about this but can someone please respond...we are using
>> ActiveMQ 5.1.0 and are seeing this error in our production environement
>> quite frequently. This is a critical issue for us right now

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