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From hiltune4 <>
Subject (AMQ-cpp) Client memory usage increasing
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2008 11:26:44 GMT


System: ActiveMQ 5.1, ActiveMQ-cpp 2.1.1, linux 2.6.x, up-to-date PC with
1GB RAM, non durable topics, auto ack, no transactions, no persistent
messages, async send, openwire.

We are trying to send textmessages and bytesmessages from ActiveMQ-cpp
producer to ActiveMQ-cpp consumer (separate processes) using 4 different
topics . The producer does not care if there's any consumers listening the
topics, and the old messages should simply be discarded after a short period
from the topic. Both producer and consumer are very simple, using slightly
modified code from the examples that came with the ActiveMQ-cpp source. The
messages are sent periodically, and the system should be able to handle high
number of messages per second. The number of messages sent can be millions
on our system.

The problem is, that the memory consumption on both the producer and the
consumer is increasing steadily while we send or receive messages, until all
the memory is used and the OS kills the client. We can repeat this also by
simply sending messages to the topic until all the memory is used, without
running the consumer. The ActiveMQ broker memory consumption is normal, no
increase there. According to Valgrind, our clients do not leak memory, and
everything is released correctly if we close the clients normally. 

This is the first time we are trying to use ActiveMQ, so there might be some
simple configuration problems. We have tried several different kind of
options, for example disabling flow control completely and using very short
producer->SetTimeToLive value. Most of the settings are default though, and
nothing we change seem to have any effect on the steady memory consumption
of the clients.

So, can anyone give any tips where the problem might be? For example, what
configuration options you would use on a system, where you want to send
limitless amount of messages to the broker (Topic), and do not care if
there's anything consuming them. 

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