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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: JBoss Integration with Multiple ActiveMQ Instances
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2008 16:12:00 GMT
but 2 brokers in the same JVM - networked together with store &
forward makes no sense :)

2008/10/30 Bruce Snyder <>:
> On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 9:46 AM, wconroy <> wrote:
>> I have the requirement to run 2 activeMQ instances that look identical as far
>> as queue names go, but are different in that distinct applications will talk
>> to each of them.
>> I am using JBoss to create MDBs that listen to the applications and respond
>> with a message back to the activeMQ instance that the MDB is reading from.
>> I have it working with a single instance of activeMQ running.  I don't know
>> how I can get a second MDB up and running now and have it connect to the
>> second activeMQ.  In the ra.xml file, it seems like the resource can only be
>> configured to talk to 1 activeMQ.
>> Is there a suggested solution for this?  The only thing I have thought of is
>> creating 2 different rar's each configured to talk to a single activeMQ, but
>> this seems like it is not the right thing to do.
> If you definitely want to speak with a different broker, then I
> believe that's exactly what you must do. Each JCA resource adapter is
> designed to communicate with only one enterprise information system.
> I have zero detail on the design of your system, but have you
> considered just letting the applications communicate with a single
> broker and then just network two brokers together? ActiveMQ supports
> what is known as a network of brokers, i.e., multiple brokers working
> together in a federated manner. See the following page for more info:
> A network of brokers forwards messages between the brokers the brokers
> based on configuration and demand for messages. This results in what
> some folks call distributed destinations.
> Bruce
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