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From Rick Blair <>
Subject Problem with losing acks(?)
Date Sat, 11 Oct 2008 16:35:44 GMT
Hi all,

I am using ActiveMQ version 5.1 in a pub/sub system.  The broker is embedded
with the publishers.  The publishers publish to 2 main topics with
selectors.  I have many subscribers distributed on the network. The
subscriptions are based on the selectors.  The messages are object messages.

  During execution one subscriber(not always the same one) seems to stop
sending acks.  

In the subscriber I still see the onMessage method call being called.
However on the broker, using jconsole looking at the subscription, the
number of messages waiting for ack = the prefetch size and the number of
queued messages increases.

  This goes on until the broker memory limit hits 100% and all message flow

 We have tried to set the policies that discard older messages, but that did
not help.  The message discard count does increase to a point, then remains
constant, while the enqueue count still increases.  Also at this time many
of the stats go negative.  This very often occurs right after startup under
heavy load on the producers.  Thread dumps show no threads blocked, the CPU
is not heavily loaded. GC does not seem to an issue.

Any suggestions? 


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