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From Dejan Bosanac <>
Subject Re: ActiveMq - AJAX - JMX & Camel
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2008 10:20:26 GMT
Hi Charles,

> 1) I would like to know if it is possible to activate JMX with the
> MessageListenerServlet used by AJAX ? In the web.xml configuration file, the
> only two parameters that we can configurate are the following : 
> 	<!-- context config -->
> 	<context-param>
> 		<param-name>org.apache.activemq.brokerURL</param-name>
> 		<param-value>tcp://localhost?useJmx=true</param-value>
> 		<description>The URL of the Message Broker to connect to
> 		</description>
> 	</context-param>
> 	<context-param>
> 		<param-name>org.apache.activemq.embeddedBroker
> 		</param-name>
> 		<param-value>true</param-value>
> 		<description>Whether we should include an embedded broker or
> 			not</description>
> 	</context-param>
> Remarks : 
> - As you can see, I have added useJmx=true to the brokerURL but the jxm
> extensions cannot be reached by jconsole.
> - I have also added a Camelcontext (with JMX activated) with my
> AJAX/ActiveMq project but inside the jconsole, we only see the Camelcontext
> but not the broker

the brokerUrl parameter that you set in the web.xml is just the
connection url the servlet will use to connect to the broker, so it
cannot be used to turn broker JMX on/off. You should take a look at your
broker settings (probably activemq.xml) and try setting JMX there.

> 2) Can I use ActiveMQ/Ajax in comination with Camel to perform the following
> :
> a) AJAX - ActiveMqServlet is used to allow a web browser client to have
> access to messages published on the bus
> b) Camel routing is used to publish messages on the bus. ActiveMq Servlet
> and Camel will use the same bus. Should this one by of type vm://, tcp:// ?

If all your clients (camel and servlet in this case) are in the same JVM
then it is better to use VM transport


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