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From eidolon1138 <>
Subject Re: Multiple MDBs, multiple queues
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2008 19:13:39 GMT

This issue is resolved, my JBoss installation was severely tweaked to for
JBoss messaging.  Once I got onto a standard JBoss installation, everything
was fine.

- Dave

eidolon1138 wrote:
> I have an MDB that listens to an ActiveMQ queue. It work beautifully. It
> registers with AMQ and onMessage fires for each message posted to the
> queue. I have a business rule that forces me to process all messages in
> the order they were posted to the queue. To accomplish this, I have set
> maxMessagesPerSessions=1 and maxSessions=1.
> Now I need to expand my application with another MDB listening to a
> different queue, again, order is important. I have added a new MDB class
> with annotations that reference the new queue. When I deploy to the
> server, my beans both connect to their respective queues (I can see this
> in the AMQ log).
> However, when I post a message to either queue I get inconsistent results.
> Whichever queue I post to FIRST will work, and the corresponding MDB's
> onMessage fires. At this point, if I post a message to the other queue,
> the message is not delivered. The onMessage method of the other MDB is
> never invoked, nor are there any exceptions. The message just sits on the
> queue. Bouncing my server doesn't help.
> In an attempt to learn more, I took out the maxMessagesPerSessions and
> maxSessions annotations, and the behavior changed, but I'm not sure it is
> an improvement. Now, both queues seem to work properly **AFTER the first
> message** . I've turned on every logging option I could find, and what I
> see in this case is that when the first message is posted to any queue, a
> ServerSessionImpl is requested from the pool, but it never runs and
> onMessage is not invoked.
> I'm using JBoss 4.2.2 and ActiveMQ 5.1.0. I have AMQ deployed as a
> stand-alone service. I use annotations in leiu of XML config files, except
> for the ra.xml, which points to the server at tcp://localhost:61616.
> Any suggestions on how to make my MDBs get along?
> Thanks,
> - Dave 

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