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From Maarten_D <>
Subject Re: Add simple service registry to ActiveMQ
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2008 13:42:21 GMT

Hi Matthew & Joe,

Thanks for the tips. I looked into ZeroConf as well, but that feature of
ActiveMQ has almost no documentation, and the project that it relies on,
jmDNS, has literally no documentation that I could find. I'd rather go with
something that has a little more info about it out there.

A central DS seems like a good option, especially because JNDI is fairly
easy to work with. The only downside would be that binding Java objects to
be discovered basically makes the whole system Java only. As one of our
components is an MS Exchange plugin, that would be a problem.

I'm actually having a hard time figuring out what ServiceMix uses as its
service registry. Anyone know?


Joe Fernandez wrote:
> What about employing a central LDAP directory service like ApacheDS? 
> Your service providers would dynamically bind and unbind their services to
> and from the DS. The service consumers then use the DS to lookup the
> services. You can probably do all this relatively easily via the JNDI as
> long as the objects you bind to the DS are Referenceable or Serializeable.  
> Here's an example of how to bind an ActiveMQConnectionFactory, which does
> implement Referenceable 
>  Context ctx = new InitialContext();                              
>  ActiveMQConnectionFactory factory1 = new ActiveMQConnectionFactory();
>  factory1.setBrokerURL("tcp://localhost:61683");
>  ctx.bind("cn=factory1", factory1); 
> and here's an example of looking it up
> Context ctx = new InitialContext();                                       
> ActiveMQConnectionFactory factory1 = (ActiveMQConnectionFactory)
> ctx.lookup("cn=factory1");
> System.out.println(factory1.getBrokerURL());
> Here are the corresponding properties that you'd use to point the above
> code to the LDAP DS
> java.naming.factory.initial = com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactory
> java.naming.provider.url=ldap://,o=ActiveMQ,dc=example,dc=com
> Those properties can be in a local file our you could pass
> them via a hashtable to the  InitialContext constructor. 
> Hope this helps
> Joe
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> Maarten_D wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm developing a distributed system that has four types of components
>> that need to work together. At first I just had a simple configuration
>> with 1 component of each type, working and wired together using ActiveMQ.
>> I now want to expand the system to include multiple components of each
>> type and support dynamic adding/removing of components. Since the exact
>> topography of the component network can't be known in advance, I need
>> some sort of component discovery mechanism.
>> Let me give a concrete example:
>> Component A generates messages that need to be processed by component B.
>> Right now, component A knows where to find component B because it has the
>> queue name hardwired into its configuration. I want to develop a system
>> where component A and B can both be started unawares of each other, and
>> component B can then somehow discover the queue that component A puts its
>> messages on, and start consuming. That way I could deploy 100 instances
>> of component B, and not have to do any configuration: they would all know
>> where to find work.
>> So now my question: what is the best way to add this sort of service
>> discovery mechanism to ActiveMQ? I've looked at ServiceMix, which
>> supports service discovery, but moving to a full-blown ESB just for one
>> feature seems like overkill. I've also looked at jUDDI, but that seems to
>> be very web services specific. Of course it would be fairly easy to
>> implement a trivial service discovery mechanism using just JMS, but I
>> don't want to do the work unless I really have to.
>> Does anyone know of a good solution to this problem?
>> Regards,
>> Maarten

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