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From lawrencek>
Subject Re: 6000 ActiveMQ clients
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2008 04:18:45 GMT

> What about using selective consumers? That way one queue can act like
multiple queues.  

Okay, so how does ActiveMQ deal with a single queue, 6000 consumers, and
6000 different selectors?

> reduce number of threads for connections in the broker use NIO -  

I've found next to no information on the net about ActiveMQ's use of NIO,
which implies to me that it's rarely used and therefore risky. Is NIO always
better? When is it not? What are the trade-offs? Again, can ActiveMQ handle
thousands of connections with NIO?

> Use optimizeDispatch in the Queues - see

What are the trade-offs to using that? What are the risks? These features
are massively under-documented. I'm not comfortable betting my project on a
feature that has a single sentence for documentation.

I appreciate the above advice, and I will try them in my simulator. The
question I'm eager to have answered, though, is whether ActiveMQ has ever
been used in a setup this large. What's the largest setup anyone's ever
seen? 10 clients? 100? 1000?

Thanks again,


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