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From Andy Gross <>
Subject Writing a custom (non-JMS) TCP protocol
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2008 00:11:47 GMT

I'm currently using ActiveMQ in a mixed-language environment.   For  
the non-Java clients, I hacked the Ajax/MessageListener servlet  
modules to produce JSON and wrote clients using the HTTP client/JSON  
libraries of the respective languages (basically translations of the  
Ajax long-poll example in _amq.js).

The mismatch between HTTP and JMS semantics, as well as the  
wierdnesses that arise with HTTP servers, proxies and client libraries  
makes this approach suboptimal.   I'd like to develop a custom JSON  
over TCP protocol that encapsulates the subset of JMS that we need.    
In other words, I'd like to embed an NIO framework like Xsocket inside  
ActiveMQ and write connection handlers for my protocol just like one  
writes Jetty servlets in the default distribution.

I've searched the wiki and mailing list archives pretty well and  
haven't seen this question come up.  Any help (including pointers to  
code) would be most appreciated.


Andy Gross

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