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From daveatnuwave <>
Subject Problem building activemq-cpp on cygwin
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2008 20:08:04 GMT

Hi. I'm trying to build activemq-cpp under cygwin (without MinGW).
Autogen/configure works fine but the make fails almost immediately trying to
compile LoggingInputStream.cpp. It looks like error is caused by the fact
the the APR that comes with Cygwin does not have thread support so the
apr_thread_* types are not declared. I tried to build my own copy of the APR
with thread support but apparently that's a project in itself. So the
question is: can activemq-cpp really be build under cygwin as described here
[1]? If so, how do I get by the APR issues. I'm able to build it fine under
Ubuntu but I'd like to have it under Cygwin as well.



Make error:

 g++ -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I../.. -Wno-uninitialized -DCYGWIN
-I/usr/include/apr-1 -I/usr/include/apr-1 -I/usr/include -W -Wall -fPI
 -fstrict-aliasing -Wstrict-aliasing=2 -Wno-long-long -g -O2 -MT
activemq/io/libactivemq_cpp_la-LoggingInputStream.lo -MD -MP -MF a
tivemq/io/.deps/libactivemq_cpp_la-LoggingInputStream.Tpo -c
activemq/io/LoggingInputStream.cpp  -DDLL_EXPORT -DPIC -o activemq/io/
activemq/io/LoggingInputStream.cpp:1: warning: -fPIC ignored for target (all
code is position independent)
In file included from ./decaf/io/FilterInputStream.h:23,
                 from activemq/io/LoggingInputStream.h:22,
                 from activemq/io/LoggingInputStream.cpp:18:
./decaf/util/concurrent/Mutex.h:50: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of
`apr_thread_mutex_t' with no type
./decaf/util/concurrent/Mutex.h:50: error: expected `;' before '*' token
./decaf/util/concurrent/Mutex.h:53: error: `apr_thread_cond_t' was not
declared in this scope
./decaf/util/concurrent/Mutex.h:53: error: template argument 1 is invalid
./decaf/util/concurrent/Mutex.h:53: error: template argument 2 is invalid
./decaf/util/concurrent/Mutex.h:53: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of
`eventQ' with no type
make[2]: *** [activemq/io/libactivemq_cpp_la-LoggingInputStream.lo] Error 1
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