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From devdev <>
Subject Re: message forwarding
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2008 17:25:34 GMT

Thank you Bruce for the suggestion.  I've looked at Camel and it's quite
interesting.  However in my scenario, the i am dequeueing from one activemq
instance and pushing the message into another activemq queue.  Both activemq
reside on different servers.  From what I have seen, I believe Camel would
only route within the same machine.  Is that correct?

If not what would be the syntax of the URI in this xml config example?  I
couldn't find and example where I specify a


<camelContext useJmx="true"

  <!-- lets parse files, transform them with XQuery and send them to JMS -->
    <from uri="file:src/data?noop=true"/>
    <to uri="xquery:myTransform.xquery"/>
    <to uri="jms:MyQueue"/>

  <!-- now lets write messages from the queue to a directory -->
    <from uri="jms:MyQueue"/>
    <to uri="file:target/outputFiles"/>


bsnyder wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 8:14 PM, devdev <> wrote:
>> HI all,
>> I am looking for writing a feature to forward messages in a given queue
>> to
>> other queues/topics.  Instead of creating a process that listen on the
>> queue
>> (as consumer) and put the messages in other queues (as publisher) is it
>> more
>> appropriate to use a plugin or interceptor to host this functionality?
> It would be more appropriate to use Camel for this feature. When you
> download ActiveMQ 5.1, check out the configuration example in
> conf/activemq.xml and look at the <camelContext> element. It
> demonstrates how to move messages from one queue or topic to another
> queue or topic. More information is available here:
> Bruce
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