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From eidolon1138 <>
Subject Multiple MDBs, multiple queues
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2008 13:37:00 GMT

I have an MDB that listens to an ActiveMQ queue. It work beautifully. It
registers with AMQ and onMessage fires for each message posted to the queue.
I have a business rule that forces me to process all messages in the order
they were posted to the queue. To accomplish this, I have set
maxMessagesPerSessions=1 and maxSessions=1.

Now I need to expand my application with another MDB listening to a
different queue, again, order is important. I have added a new MDB class
with annotations that reference the new queue. When I deploy to the server,
my beans both connect to their respective queues (I can see this in the AMQ

However, when I post a message to either queue I get inconsistent results.
Whichever queue I post to FIRST will work, and the corresponding MDB's
onMessage fires. At this point, if I post a message to the other queue, the
message is not delivered. The onMessage method of the other MDB is never
invoked, nor are there any exceptions. The message just sits on the queue.
Bouncing my server doesn't help.

In an attempt to learn more, I took out the maxMessagesPerSessions and
maxSessions annotations, and the behavior changed, but I'm not sure it is an
improvement. Now, both queues seem to work properly **AFTER the first
message** . I've turned on every logging option I could find, and what I see
in this case is that when the first message is posted to any queue, a
ServerSessionImpl is requested from the pool, but it never runs and
onMessage is not invoked.

I'm using JBoss 4.2.2 and ActiveMQ 5.1.0. I have AMQ deployed as a
stand-alone service. I use annotations in leiu of XML config files, except
for the ra.xml, which points to the server at tcp://localhost:61616.

Any suggestions on how to make my MDBs get along?

- Dave 
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