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From Rob Davies <>
Subject Re: 6000 ActiveMQ clients
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2008 05:40:32 GMT

On 15 Oct 2008, at 00:16, lawrencek wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm designing a system that will have a few central services and  
> upward of
> 6000 processes on thousands of machines on a LAN. They all  
> communicate using
> ActiveMQ, with the central services having well-known queue names  
> and the
> distributed components having randomly-generated queue names. I  
> recently
> profiled the broker and found that every queue results in four  
> threads (one
> for the queue, one for checkpoint (?), and two for each of two related
> topics (consumer and producer)). Additionally, every connection to the
> broker results in two threads (dispatcher and transport). That means  
> that
> each of the 6000 distributed components will result in six threads, or
> 36,000 threads total in the broker. I don't know whether using a  
> network of
> brokers will allow me to reduce this to a reasonable number per  
> process. I
> also have to worry about the 6000 TCP connections to the broker,  
> which could
> also presumably be distributed across a network of brokers.
> More generally, though, I'm concerned that ActiveMQ, and really JMS,  
> was
> never intended to support this many clients. Perhaps I should use  
> JMS only
> for communication amongst the central services, and all communication
> to/from the distributed services should use a simpler RPC scheme.
> Does anyone know if ActiveMQ can handle this many clients? What's  
> the most
> number of clients anyone has seen on ActiveMQ or JMS?
> Thanks,
> Lawrence
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Hi Lawrence,

ActiveMQ - with some tuning - should be able to handle this load. I'd  
recommend looking at using partioning your system (traffic splitting)  
with networks of brokers anyway - but to reduce the number of threads  
in use do the following:

1. reduce number of threads for connections in the broker use NIO -  
2. Use optimizeDispatch in the Queues - see



Rob Davies

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