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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ Clustering
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2008 14:27:03 GMT
2008/9/23 kumarchill <>:
> Hey,
> I'm new to ActiveMQ.
> I have a situation where there are many publishers publishing messages and
> many subscribers that subscribes these messages.
> Assume
> ->For every subscriber there is one ActiveMQ instance that it listens.
> ->ActiveMQ instances will be increased dynamically. At the time of
> increasing ActiveMQ instances, I don't want to change these list as a
> failover at the publisher's side.
> Here I wanted to cluster(not High Availability, I wanted it like a
> loadbalancing) all these activeMQ instances with no changes at publishers
> side as this is distributed and hard to manage. So I wanted to give a unique
> URI or something at the publishers side and that one automatically picks the
> ActiveMQ clustered URI where it publishes the message.
> I found some like Failover, Network Brokers and Master/Slave but all these
> things need some change(atleast URI) at publishers side.
> Can anyone help in this regard which doesnot need any change in publsihers
> URI?

You can use discovery so that clients can connect to one of many
dynamic brokers at runtime without requiring configuration changes.

the missing piece is to allow dynamic creation of brokers and have
things load balance over them all. To do this we really need the JEDI
transport which isn't implemented yet...

You could take the fanout transport and hack it a little...

contributions always welcome

Open Source Integration

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