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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: New message timeout design question
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2008 08:36:48 GMT
2008/9/15 Mick Knutson <>:
> I would like to get some design help on a situation I need to address.
> I have a Manager that sends a ChangeRequest message to a Python server. This
> CR could take an hour to perform. But I want to implement a timeout on the
> CR. So after I send out this CR message, how do I create an alert message in
> 1.1 hours to another processor?

You could try setting a 1 hour time to live on the message; then if
the message is not processed within an hour the message will be sent
to a DLQ which you could subscribe to and notify another processor.

Though with this approach if a server consumes the message but just
takes 2 hours to process it, you'd not get a notification of it taking
too long.

So maybe you should do the following for each message that is going to
be processed...

* create a timer (say with Quartz) with details of the current message
* consume the message by a processor and send a completion message to
the JMSReplyTo destination when it has been completed (preferably in a
JMS transaction so its atomic)
* consume the completion message and delete the timer for that message
* on the timer firing, send a message to the other processor that the
message was not processed in time

This does seem an interesting pattern we could maybe implement in Camel...

There's no obvious pattern yet in the EIP book - but there may be in
Gregors next book which is gonna be more conversational. Essentially
we could do with a kinda 'timed message acknowledgement' pattern;
where if a success message is not received before the timer fires, we
send a fail message somewhere.

Another approach BTW is to use BPEL to wrap up this process.


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