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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Windows print server using activemq
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2008 19:28:22 GMT
2008/9/8 whitewaterbug <>:
> I was hoping that someone had already written some code or an existing
> project I could leverage.
> Also, my centralized app uses MULE so I was hoping not to just have activemq
> running as a windows service.

I don't understand how the use or not of MULE affects whether or not
you'd run the activemq broker as a windows service.

> My idea was:
> 1.  Use ActiveMQ as a brainless agent that waits for a print job
> 2.  When a print job is destined for it, it pulls it off of its own queue
> 3.  Use ActiveMQ CMS to force print
> 4.  Use ActiveMQ CMS to signal events (e.g. printer out of paper)
> Is this the right approach?  Can CMS be called from the ActiveMQ side to
> send into the client?

You'd wrap up the thing that prints messages as using CMS or NMS to
consume messages - so it'd pull messages from the ActiveMQ broker's
queue and print them - or sending a failure message if it couldn't
print (e.g. out of paper).

> Anyone have ideas on what the Microsoft Windows
> API/SDK's will need to be?

No idea :)

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