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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Question about Logging in ActiveMQ 5.1
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2008 08:56:27 GMT
2008/9/5 MaenXe <>:
> Well, I thought this was what I needed, but after examining the logs, this
> isn't gonna do.  For one, it puts the entire payload of the message into the
> log P-(, basically what I'm looking for is something similar to the apache
> logs, or a mail log.  I need producer/consumer ID, queue/topic, msg ID, and
> timestamp.  I don't imagine this would be hard, but I'm surprised that it
> doesn't seem to be implemented already.
> Is there a way to modify the data logged by the interceptor to trim out
> excess junk?
> Is there a way I can tweak log4j to get this?
> The purpose of this is that we want to refer to logs to follow the path of a
> message for troubleshooting.

FWIW log4j typically only lets you turn on or off logs - or reformat
how the log information is formatted (things like thread, time, logger
and so forth); but it ultimately doesn't let you modify the text that
is logged.

How about you try modifying the LoggingInterceptor to do exactly what
you want - so it can be configured to turn on or off the message
payload being logged? We love patches and contributions!

BTW you might find the Camel Tracer interesting; it kinda does the
same thing you're trying to do - but at the Camel endpoint layer
rather than the JMS broker layer...

in particularly its highly configurable so you can turn on and off
different items to be logged.

If it helps, here's the Camel TraceInterceptor

and the TraceFormatter that configures the formatting of the trace message


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