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From rmh1 <>
Subject ActiveMQ and Websphere App Server integration
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2008 12:55:03 GMT

Hi All,

I am trying to integrate WAS(as part of local RSA) with ActiveMQ - I have
serached the forum and found teh following instructions from Ramzi (see
below), but I am stuck with step 4 - configuring the JNDI - I assume this is
done through the file (i got a template fromt eh activeMQ
site and have configured with my required values) but I dont know what to do
with the properties file after I have completed it - do i put it on the
ActiveMQ classpath? the WAS classpath? do I have to point either application
at its location at all?

Thanks in advance all

 1 Define a Generic JMS Provider
 - Set the classpath to list all necessary ActiveMQ jars under
 ${WAS_INSTALL_ROOT}/lib/ext (make sure to actually copy the jars there)
 - Set the initial context factory to
 - Set the provider URL to the broker's URL,e.g. "reliable:tcp://host:port"
 2- Configure a JMS Connection Factory for the newly defined provider,
 e.g. jms/QueueConnectionFactory and/or jms/TopicConnectionFactory
 3- Configure JMS destinations as needed, e.g. "MyQueue" and "MyTopic" as
 external JNDI names
 4- Set custom properties of the provider to map external JNDI names as
 - java.naming.connectionFactoryNames = ConnectionFactory (whatever you
 set as external JNDI name for the connection factory in step 2)
 - java.naming.queue.MyQueue = MyQueue
 - java.naming.topic.MyTopic = MyTopic
 5- Create a Message Listener Port for message-driven beans:
 - Set the connection factory JNDI, e.g. "jms/QueueConnectionFactory"
 - Set the destination JNDI, e.g. "jms/MyQueue"

 6- Restart WAS
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