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From Steve Angelovich <>
Subject Adding a C client
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2008 21:17:15 GMT


We have a legacy application that we need to add into our messaging
environment.   Currently we are using version 4.1.1 and all the clients are

We've looked at the activemq-cpp and done some tests.  The small amount of
testing that we've done so far this works  well, but our legacy application
is C.  We could create a shared library and expose a few c interfaces to
wrap the other library but that seems like too much work for our situation.

We've looked at the OpenWire library.  Maybe we didn't find the right stuff
but as far as we can figure out the OpeWire library doesn't function at all. 
After doing more searching on OpenWire it doesn't appear that anybody can
get it to work.  Are we looking at the right stuff or any chance we
downloaded the wrong version?  If it isn't supported and doesn't work why
are there still refernces to it from the ActiveMQ website?   This is painful
because from reading the website OpenWire appear to do what we needed.

We are currently looking at using stomp.  We are at least able to do some
simple tests but aren't sure how everything would fit together yet.  If we
use stomp from the c code can we send message from a java application which
I think will default to openWire and recieve them via stomp in the legacy

How are other people dealing with different types of clients?  Is there a
white paper or something that has some recommendations?


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