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From ErikNabbles <>
Subject Practical limit to number of topics per broker?
Date Sun, 14 Sep 2008 21:29:03 GMT


Q: Does anyone know of a practical limit to the number of Topics a broker
should be expected to handle?  

In Gary Tully's advise for avoiding out of memory
exceptions  he mentions some implications of having a high number of
"...If there are large numbers of Destinations there will be a large number
of threads and their associated memory resource usage." There will also be
kernel and TCP buffer implications as we spin up the number of producers and

To give some rough guidelines for my scenario (per broker):
- 256 Topics
- 32/64 Producers
- 64/128 Consumers (non-durable)
- 2k/4k messages
- 250/500 msg/sec
- Lower latency is better
- Quad core host with 4GB RAM (64bit linux distro) 
- Reasonably peppy network

Producers and consumers will maintain long-lived sessions, so the broker
should primarily be busy forwarding messages and general maintenance (i.e.
connections, threads, cluster communications...). 

I expect more factors to arise from the solution(s) used for providing high
availability and scalability. Recent discussions regarding potential
scalability issues with using a network of brokers (NOB) has me thinking I
will (initially at least) use broker clusters and custom routing logic to
locate the proper broker pair. I don't expect to have more than 32 brokers,
but I want to avoid paying a high cost for cluster synchronization.

Q: With the numbers I listed above, should I start with the network of
brokers approach? If not, which of the values would I need to adjust to make
NOB a workable solution?


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