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From Timothy Bish <>
Subject Re: maxResponseWaitTime removed?
Date Sun, 28 Sep 2008 22:50:50 GMT
To better deal with the Broker's producer flow control mechanism that
maxReponseWaitTime option was removed.  The client now waits for a
response from the broker before returning from the send unless the
connection.sendTimeout option is set to something other than 0 or an
exception is thrown from the underlying transport that is used to send
the message.  This way as long as the connection is alive the client
will wait for a response to a message being sent so that if the producer
is sending messages to fast for the consumers the broker can slow it
down to avoid running out of memory.

For your case of a slow connection this now prevents the previous
maxResponseWaitTime setting from kicking a producer out of a send that
would have eventually completed.

if you need control over the timeout of a send then you can use the
newer connection options to achieve this.  See the configuration page:


On Mon, 2008-09-22 at 09:35 -0700, Stephen Pietrowicz wrote:
> Hi,
> Someone I'm working with ran into the bug listed in:
> which where code was timing out because of a slow connection.   That issue
> was resolved by setting the property
> transport.ResponseCorrelator.maxResponseWaitTime
> to something higher.
> The code we're using is old (2.1RC3), and we're going to upgrade to 2.2.1.  
> I looked at the configuration page
> ( and saw this note next to
> the property
> Milliseconds to wait for responses from the broker. (Removed as of
> ActiveMQ-CPP 2.2.1)
> Is this a non-issue because of changes in 2.2.1, or is there a different
> configuration option that's available?  We're in the process of upgrading
> our code base, and I'd like to set that maxResponseWaitTime higher, if it's
> still necessary to do so.
> Thanks,
> Steve

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