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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: JMS the way to go?
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2008 09:18:53 GMT
2008/8/11 RMMM <>:
> I'm new to this kind of technology and trying to get some perspective.
> I'm writing a software system for a business with about a half dozen
> store locations. It's a system that will only be used internally and
> (for the foreseeable future) have very low volume.  It will just perform
> a few basic services involving db access.
> I decided to use an asynchronous client server approach. I could just
> write that from scatch, but I'm thinking, why reinvent the wheel? That's
> what JMS is for and it has all the functionality that I'll probably ever
> need.
> So my intention is to use JMS with, say, Apache ActiveMQ. (I'm using
> plain old Java SE). My only worry is that it my be overkill and add
> more complexity or overhead than necessary.
> Am I getting into more than I realize trying to use JMS?
> Is ActiveMQ a good choice? (as opposed to JBoss, Spring, ...)

ActiveMQ does seem to be the most popular and powerful open source
message broker. FWIW Spring is a framework, not a messaging provider

> So should I write a simple system from scratch, or go to the other extreme
> and use JMS?
> Any advice/comments very much appreciated.

I'd be tempted to hide the middleware from your application code; then
use something like Camel's bean integration to integrate the
'messaging' into your business logic in a kinda invisible way - then
you don't have to spend a while figuring out how to use the JMS APIs
properly etc.

Then you can easily switch between different middleware technologies
to suit your exact needs...

e.g. you can start with in-JVM messaging (SEDA)...

then use ActiveMQ or JMS

then use hibernate/JPA using a database table / entity bean as a queue...

FWIW I've started hacking a little wiki page together describing this
technique of hiding middleware APIs from your business logic...


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