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From "Guillaume Nodet" <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ and SMX4
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2008 14:55:42 GMT
On Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 4:48 PM, Yari Marchetti
<> wrote:
> Hello,
> we are planning to use ActiveMQ in a production environment,
> but we need to be able to change configuration while the broker
> is running.
> I took a look at ServiceMix 4 and it seems to suit perfectly to our
> needs (moreover it implements other interesting things), allowing
> ActiveMQ to reload its configuration by just modifying activemq.xml.
> I tried to install a binary distribution and it didn't work well with
> ActiveMQ (i wasn't able to start any broker, because it kept saying
> it couldn't deploy it), then i tried using a snapshot from snv, and it
> worked very well: i was able to change ActiveMQ configuration while
> the broker was running.

Yes, IIRC, some modifications were needed to make sure everything
works correctly.
So ActiveMQ 5.2-SNAPSHOT is currently required.

> Now my question is: how does ActiveMQ and SMX4 work together?
> how is the integration?

SMX4 is built on top of Apache Felix, an OSGi container.  A lot of
work has been done
to be able to make ActiveMQ and its required components work nicely in OSGi.
Aside from the JMS broker, the SMX4/AMQ integration provides a bunch of commands
that you can use from the ActiveMQ console.
ActiveMQ is bundled inside the full SMX4 distribution, but if you
don't need the JBI layer,
you could grab a ServiceMix Kernel and just install the needed bundles instead.
Let me know if you want more informations.

> We plan to use Camel as well, and reading from:
> seems that it should work pretty well with SMX4. did anyone tried
> it?

Yes.  Camel nicely integrates in SMX4.  In the SMX4 distribution,
there are a few examples
that shows the use of Camel.

> greetings,
> Yari

Guillaume Nodet

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