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From Rob Davies <>
Subject Re: High-speed topic publishing & consumption
Date Sat, 23 Aug 2008 06:53:38 GMT
Disable flow control - e.g.:


           <policyEntry topic="FOO.>" producerFlowControl="false"  


thats from - -  
that together with ignoring expired messages on the dead letter strategy
should make it fly.

For your consumers - set the optimizeAcknowledge property on the  
ActiveMQConnectionFactory too



Rob Davies

On 22 Aug 2008, at 20:06, David Crisp wrote:

> Hi,
>     I'm using ActiveMQ 5.1 to publish from a single fast producer to  
> four
> consumers.
> All messages are non-durable and contain ephemeral data so I have the
> message
> time to live set to one second.  My goal is to be able to publish as  
> fast as
> possible and have any messages that don't make it to consumers in  
> the one
> second interval be silently dropped by the message system.
>     When I run the producerTool example at full-blast and send 2M  
> messages
> to a consumer over a network of brokers to a set of consumers, the  
> producer
> eventually stops sending.  I have set the prefetch size on the  
> consumers to
> a
> large number (10K) but I'm still being burned either by flow control  
> or by
> the
> processing to send an expired message to the dead letter queue.   
> Given the
> use
> case described above, what is the right way to accomplish my goal?   
> Can I
> disable
> the DLQ and producer flow control?  Are there any other tweaks I  
> should
> consider?
> Thanks in advance,
> D.
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