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From Eric-AWL <>
Subject Re: Large networks of brokers, dynamically included destinations and temporary queues
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2008 06:52:33 GMT

Hi Joe.

We were in contact few months ago .... My big project is begun and we have
to find the best topology and test it

when I look web site "Performance" : 

Performance differs greatly depending on many different factors

the network topology 
transport protocols used 
quality of service 
hardware, network, JVM and operating system 
number of producers, number of consumers 
distribution of messages across destinations along with message size 

For us, it is possible to segment our architecture by role and I would want
to use this possibility to imagine the best topology. If I have more than
1000 servers on two sites, I don't want that answer jumps over these 1000
servers and cross many times over MPLS networks, before reaching requestor.

I can imagine creating a pool of answer queues with same prefixes and using
them , but it's not as simple as it appears because I have to be sure that
one answer queue name is not used by other servers which have the same role.
Using Temporary queues with only name over complete architecture seem to be
a better solution.


Hi Eric,

As long as there exists the appropriate forwarding bridge(s), w/correct
networkTTL, from the consumer's broker back to the producer's broker, there
shouldn't be a problem with using the request/reply model and temp queues. 

I recommend moving up to 5.1. 

There have been some issues surrounding 'duplex' connections; you may want
to check the JIRA for their status. 


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